Dinner party essentials

May 16, 2022

Dinner party essentials

Being a hostess of the mostess comes natural to some, but not everyone is gifted with the DNA of lavish party-organising. Whether you want to become the next Great Gatsby or after an intimate dinner party, we’re here to help level up your next dinner party with our top tips!

Shine, but not too bright!
Light is so important for setting the mood! We’re all familiar with the sense of intimacy candles can create, but they can work magic beyond a candle-lit dinner for two. During dinner the lighting should be soft, but bright enough to see other faces at the table; and candles are great for that – in the right numbers. But be mindful: scented candles can interfere with the food you’re serving, so always make sure you opt for non-scented candles.
Fairy lights are a great source of soft light too, or if you really want to jazz things up: how about a disco light?! Double-check how everything works together; disco balls are quite the vibe, so make sure it works with the rest of your setting.

Music to your ears.
A dinner party should be a feast for all senses, so don’t forget to have some tunes going while your guests arrive. It helps break the ice and instantly sets the mood. Try and find (or create!) a playlist with various genres to appeal to the various music tastes among your guests. And while contrasting sounds work well before and after dinner, during dinner you want the music to flow from one to the next and not dominate the table both through volume and styles. 
Did you pick a theme? This is the ultimate opportunity to tap into it! 

No, we don’t expect you to write a speech (although, maybe your guests will), but you’re gonna need some drinkware to raise a toast with! Whether they’re single-use cups to tap into the theme of your dinner party, or stick to your glassware. This also includes glasses and bottles of water. Putting these on the table timely will save you from having yet another thing to remember while hosting, and your guests will simply help themselves.

But WHY?
From birthdays to engagements and more – we can all think of moments to mark a special occasion. But not all dinner parties need an extraordinary reason to celebrate; simply catching up with some of your nearest and dearest can be reason enough! However, pinpointing the occasion can help honing in on the vibe you want your dinner party to be like. A follow-up question you want to ask yourself: does it need a theme? Again: not every dinner party needs a theme, but if you’re looking for a next level dinner party, it can help make it extra memorable. Plus, it can help create unison across food, music, activities, decoration and the likes.

The masterpiece.
Whether it’s a cheese board, cake or champagne tower, having a masterpiece to wow your guests will have them talking about your get-together for many more get-togethers to come! It goes without saying you want this masterpiece to exude the vibe of your party. So whether you let its ingredients take the stage or dress it up with decorations, put some thought into this showstopper!

Be our guest!
Saving the best for last: your guests! They are probably the most important part of your dinner party, but with something as complex as human beings there’s a couple of things you might want to keep in mind. Do any of your guests have dietary restrictions you need to cater for? Consider a seating plan that favours all your guests, or at least think of a practical spot for yourself to get up and about.