Outliving Winter Faves

June 17, 2022

Outliving Winter Faves

Winter is here. And while everyone loves the occasional cold night spent curled up on a sofa with a good book or a solid binge of their favourite shows – there must be more. Here at Outliving, we’re dedicated to make any occasion better, no matter the time of the year. Let us take you through a few of our favourite ways to elevate your winter!

First things first: that blanket scenario we previously mentioned? Master it with Sharper Image’s Calm Comfort Weighted Blanket. Thanks to its 4.5 kilos it provides the feeling of being hugged, increasing serotonin and melatonin. You know, those feel-good vibes. Want to take it even further? Sharper Image’s Wellness range brings comfort to the next level with massagers in all shapes and sizes.

Game on!
Get social and organise a games night! With a wide range of games there’s something for everyone. Want to test your friends’ knowledge? Opt for one of the many trivia games. Want to flex your problem-solving skills? Talking TablesEscape Room game seems right up your alley! Playing against little ones? Dipsticks Kids VS Grown Ups will provide some healthy rivalry. More of a fan of physical games? Refinery has a range of games that will fit the bill. Just get the invites out, turn up the heater and game on!

Get together.
We all know love goes through the stomach, so a dinner party is the perfect recipe to warm hearts and merry souls. As if time spent with loved ones wouldn’t be memorable enough, you can make it truly magical by tying it with a theme. From Xmas in July to a Floral Feast, we have an abundance of inspiration! Not a star in the kitchen? Make it a potluck dinner or order in!