Discovery Kids Remote Control Crocodile

GLOWING MOUTH & EYES: The crocodiles mouth and eyes glow for even more fun in the dark, and it growls too!

COOL EGG SHAPED REMOTE: Wireless egg-shaped remote controls how the crocodile moves.

REALISTIC MOVEMENTS: Realistic-looking amphibian movements. Lookout its large mouth opens and closes. When feeling happy (or at the press of a button) the crocodile may wag its tail too.

COMES TO LIFE: You control his realistic motion and roars with the egg-shaped RC remote! Make his mouth open and close to grunt and crawl around on legs that really move—plus the eyes light up!

LOOKS LIKE THE REAL THING: Designed to look just like an alligator to delight kids with realistic roars and sounds that will keep them busy all day long.

NOT JUST FOR PARTIES: Do you want to pull a prank on someone? Or want to surprise your little one? Maybe add to your backyard décor to look a little bit different, then go for this roaring creature!