FAO Schwarz Remote Control Bumper Car Set Retro

REMOTE CONTROLS PUT YOU IN CHARGE OF THE ACTION: Control your bumper car via remote control. Dual joysticks give you full control over your retro bumper car's movements for unique and exciting game play every match!

SEND YOUR OPPONENT'S DRIVER FLYING: To win, hit the opponent car's side bumper buttons with your car while avoiding being hit yourself! One well-placed hit sends the other driver flying out of their car, spelling victory! Keep score and control the chaos of the battlefield!

UNIQUE RETRO 50'S LOOK: The bumper car set's retro style offers a fun and unique twist! Classic 1950s style touches like teal, cream, and chrome accents create a vintage look, the drivers even sport 50s style suits and immaculately coiffed hair!

BATTERY-POWERED FOR CONVENIENCE AND PORTABILITY: Battery power makes the bumper car set easy to transport. Bring them to parties and team up to take turns on the field! Each bumper car requires 3 AAA batteries (not included), and each remote control requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).