Discovery Kids Remote Control King Snake

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CREEPY, CRAWLY SNAKE: The snake makes quick, realistic slithering movements, perfect for frightening your friends and family. 

REALISTIC SOUNDS: The snake makes hissing sounds and will scare you at night with its LED eyes. 

SLITHER AWAY: Use the cute egg shaped wireless remote controller to make the snake move, hiss or to lights it eyes. 

GLOWING LED EYES: The RC King Snake displays beady eyes that glow red in the dark when you switch it on! Use the eyes to hunt prey in the nighttime that may be lurking around your house.

REALISTIC SOUNDS: Use the egg shaped remote to control the hissing sound emitted by the snake. Warn any potential predators in the area that this is your domain by sounding off a loud hiss before you strike!

A STEM-INSPIRED TOY ANY CHILD WILL LOVE: Got a birthday coming up? Bring the excitement of nature and science to your son, daughter, niece, nephew, or even grandchildren with the Discovery Kids RC King Snake!