Discovery #Mindblown Reaction Chamber Rocket

BUILD & LAUNCH YOUR VERY OWN WORKING ROCKET: Assemble your very own rocket & blast off into the sky! This kit includes everything you need to get started on your own rocket launching experiment.

MAKE PHYSICS & CHEMISTRY FUN: This kit teaches physics & chemistry in a fun, hands-on way, demonstrating how chemical reactions & expanding gases can produce enough power to launch your model rocket.

LAUNCHES UP TO 50 FEET: This model rocket can fly up to 50 feet into the air! Make sure to use it outdoors & in an open space away from trees or buildings to give your rocket plenty of room to fly.

REUSEABLE FOR HOURS OF FUN: Unlike exploding single use rockets, the Discovery rocket is reusable for endless liftoffs! Just rinse & refill with baking soda & vinegar for a new experiment every time.

Discovery #Mindblown is all about exploring the world around us by offering exciting hands-on experiences.
Let you little scientist get a hands experience of reactions in a safe and fun environment