FAO Schwarz Plush Sustainable Sloth 10inch

Say hello to your new best friend, brought to you by FAO Schwarz. This Sloths’ soft and squishy body makes it perfect for hugging, squeezing and cuddles for naps, bedtime or anytime. Plus, the sturdy construction and high-quality materials make this snuggly plush one that can handle lots of love from boys and girls, ensuring a friendship that will last. The foot pad features a “Save The Earth” message to remind kids everywhere about the importance of protecting our planet. The plush Sloth is one adults and children alike will love. It’s the perfect comforting companion and a fantastic addition to any teddy bear or stuffed animal collection. Bring home the cuddles today with FAO Schwarz’s Sustainable Sloth.

  • 10” snuggly plush
  • Features “Save The Earth” foot pad
  • Ultra-soft fur
  • Made with 100% recycled faux fur
  • Made from recycled water bottles