Refinery Basketball wood with shotglass

SHOT CLOCK MEET SHOT GLASS: Nothing adds more excitement to a game than a little side bet. Use the included shot glasses to take the fun up a notch, just like beer pong or quarters. 

VINTAGE-INSPIRED DESIGN: From the wooden court to the stainless steel finish ball launcher and hoops, the classic look of this tabletop basketball game is perfect for any home bar or arcade. 

TEST YOUR AIM: Use the precision launcher to take aim and go for the win. Fire the ball with a press of your finger. Balls are tethered by strings, so you'll be able to keep track even if you end up a few shots behind. 

KEEP SCORE: First to six wins! Simply slide the black and white rings on the built-in rails to easily keep track of who's ahead and who's heading for defeat. Pick your side and go for the gold.