Sharper Image Remote Control Robotic Robotosaur

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BRING THIS PREHISTORIC DINOSAUR BACK TO LIFE: Make the dinosaur roam, stomp, and even spin in your home. The full function wireless remote ensures that the Robotosaur will follow your every command! You can even use hand gestures to control the dino! It's the perfect holiday or Christmas gift for any child!

INTELLIGENT & CHARMING: The Sharper Image Robotosaur is programmed to show a wide array of emotions! Its expressive personality features sound effects ranging from an angry growl, a bored snore, and a happy roar complete with built-in color changing LED eyes that match its mood.

GO ON THE PROWL: Children of all ages will love the Hunting Mode which allows the robot dino to search for items. Also check out Guard Mode which will protect a kids room and sends out an alerts if an intruder (like a little sister!) decides to come in.